• The Worlds Best Game Rooms!

    The Worlds Best Game Rooms!

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    I've started a new section on the site dedicated to documenting and showcasing the best gaming setups in the world. Hopefully what you see in here will inspire you when designing your own ga ...

  • Console repairs and modifications

    Console repairs and modifications

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    We are delighted to announce our new games console repair and modification service. A service run by gaming enthusiasts for gaming enthusiasts, our mods will unlock the true potential of you ...

  • X-Arcade Reference Page

    X-Arcade Reference Page

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    This page is dedicated to all things X-Arcade. For all the official adapters and for technical support, your first port of call should be X-Gamings website. X-Gaming don’t officially s ...

  • SCART Switch Roundup

    SCART Switch Roundup

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    When it comes to getting the best picture from your retro-consoles, you all should know that RGB is the way to go and that SCART is the easiest way to get RGB from most retro consoles. Unfor ...

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Price Hikes again

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We’re feeling a sense of deja vu here. Due to several lost parcels, we’ve kicked our old courier Collect Plus to the kerb and have switched to using UPS instead. Sadly that means price increases on all our mods, but that’s better than a lost games cons ...

Four upcoming upscaling solutions

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The video processor market is going through some changes at the moment. At the high end, manufactures like Lumagen and Pixel Magic are looking towards 2k and 4k upscalers. Meanwhile for videogamers, the XRGB Mini is still the scaler of choice. Interesting things are hap ...

240p Test Suite now available for PC Engine

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Just in case you missed it, Artemo has made the extremely useful 240p Test Suite available for the PC Engine/Turbografx range of games consoles. The 240p test suite is the perfect way to test if your TV or upscaling solution is correctly handling your vintage gaming sys ...

Clearing up the HD Retrovision confusion

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Since HD Retrovision started their publicity campaign for their component cables, there has been a fair bit of controversy surrounding the US based startup. In fact, it’s surprising (and something of a relief) nobody has dubbed this “HD Retrogate” or s ...

Playing Today – The Sega Saturn

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Continuing our guides on the basics of playing retro hardware in more modern times, this article looks at the cult classic of the fifth generation, the Sega Saturn. ...

Dreamcast and the Toro VGA box

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The Dreamcast often confuses gamers with its array of video cables and boxes. Understanding how to connect the console up and enjoy the best picture quality can be tricky. While you can just keep swapping between your VGA box and your SCART cable, this isn’t ideal ...

Gamecube vs. Wii Component Output

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Over on the Shmups forum, user Sixfortyfive and Artemio (author of the 240p test suite) have posted an amazing in-depth comparison of the video output quality of the Wii and Gamecube consoles. ...

RGB Bypass for picture perfection

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Today we learnt of an exciting development from German videogame enthusiast ArcadeTV (@arcadetv on Twitter). Their new “RGB Bypass” modifications for Neo Geo, Megadrive/Genesis and Sega Master System promises to take the picture quality from these systems to ...

Playing Today – The Sega Megadrive

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>Continuing our guides on the basics of playing retro hardware in more modern times, this article focuses on the iconic Sega Megadrive console. ...

The curious DVDO Edge lag bug

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Sadly we’ve had to update our DVDO Edge article due to confirmation of another bug in the unit. This time there’s no workaround and it affects gaming directly. While comparing his new DVDO Edge to the older iSCAN VP30, user Xyga from the shmups forums discov ...