Getting better quality from your 240/288p sources on the DVDO Edge

DVDO Edge VideoprocessorI’ve finally got around to writing an article on the DVDO Edge’s most useful undocumented feature (for retro gamers at least). A while back I discovered that the unit supports 15khz RGB signals through the RGBHV inputs, which are normally used for VGA (31khz) signals. After a little experimentation by myself and several other users on the Shmups forum, I can now show you the best way to take advantage of this discovery for yourselves. Click here to read more.

I have also reorganized the layout of the site a little bit, putting all the DVDO Edge stuff into one category. There’s plenty more new content coming in the next few weeks too. Remember you can subscribe to our RSS feeds by using the links at the very bottom of the page.

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