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Get your retro games consoles professionally repaired and modified.


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RetroTink 2X updated and re-stocked

the popular, affordable line doubler and digitiser is back in stock.

Sega Triple Bypass boards…

Everything you need for your Megadrive consoles, now re-stocked!


OSSC April batch has…

We're pleased to announce that our April 2019 batch of OSSCs has now landed.


About the “bootleg” OSSCs

Should you try and save money by buying an OSSC elsewhere?


ROW orders to open…

We will soon start processing orders from customers outside of the EU. Capitalism ho!


Sega MegaDrive 1 RGB Bypass…

The Megadrive RGB bypass board is now available in our store. What's more, BetaGamma Computing have come up with this handy installation guide.

Scaling filters – The…

Emulator style graphics filters on the OSSC? You bet!


Revisiting 480px2 on the…

Sharp scaling, better colours, less ringing. The OSSC's 480px2 mode deserves another look thanks to the new "Allow…


Line Quadruple on the…

How do you get the OSSC's line quintuple or Line x4 mode working on the DVDO iScan VP50 and…


To Quadruple and Beyond…

Line quadruple and quintuple modes arrive on the OSSC, here's how to get the best out of them.


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