Console Modifications

Get your retro games consoles professionally repaired and modified.


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C64 component video is coming!

Get clean, perfect component video output on your C64 with this amazing modification.

Introducing DragonMMC

The DragonMMC lets you load and save your Dragon 32 games, apps, demos and programs using a modern MMC…


Improved JP21 adapter cables…

We have re-stocked our JP21 to SCART and SCART to JP21 cables today. The new cables are a brand…


Fever Mode

Update 26/09/19 - Orders are moving again and we expect to have the backlog cleared by Monday  30th September.


OSSC September batch is…

OSSC units are back in stock.


Building our New Games Room…

Power strips, UPS units and mains cleaners, how did we power our new video games room?

Building our New Games…

Join us in this new series as we build a new games room the ground up.


Converting 480i to 240p…

Convert 480i to 240p on your classic CRT display.


Sega MegaDrive 1 RGB…

The Megadrive RGB bypass board is now available in our store. What's more, BetaGamma Computing have come up with…


Scaling filters – The…

Emulator style graphics filters on the OSSC? You bet!


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