Shinybow/Skytronic 6:2 SCART switch gallery

The pictures below show the Shinybow/Skytronic 6:2 Matrix Routing Switch Box (SB-5525) SCART switch in action. The shots are of the 240p test suite running on a NTSC/Japanese Sega Megadrive with the Pack-a-Punched raw sync SCART cable. They were taken using the Startech PEXHDCAP capture card and uploaded manually to the website to avoid any picture processing WordPress might do. By default the pictures show the Mega Drive connected directly to the capture card, mouse over to see the difference the SCART switch makes.

240p test title

240p test title

240p test title

240p test title


Due to the strange issues this particular switch had with the raw sync cable on the Megadrive, I’ve included an extra screen shot below, comparing the Shinybow using a regular Megadrive SCART cable.


240p test title


This video shows the wobble effect that the Shinybow adds to the Megadrive when using a raw sync cable:-


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