OSSC Firmware Update tutorial

As excitement for the OSSC mounts, the lucky few who were in the first batch of pre-orders should be receiving their units directly from Marqs very soon. In preparation, I’ve just added a tutorial that takes you through the process of updating the firmware on the unit, using Windows 10 (it’s applicable to all other modern versions of Windows too). You can watch the tutorial below.

The latest firmware is 0.69 and can be downloaded here.



Win32 Disk Imager can be downloaded here. The OSSC firmware can be downloaded from the bottom of the Wiki page here.

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  1. Dropshock says:

    Anyone know if the Altera USB Blaster will also work for firmware updates via JTAG?
    This is the pinout,
    thanks 🙂

  2. justin says:

    is there a size restriction on sd cards inserted into the ossc?

  3. Locke says:

    Hi My OSSC will not see my SD card.

  4. Cadras_ says:

    On 5x mode, my snes games gets a weird horizontal line that’s shifts the image over only when in motion. When in 3x mode it doesn’t happen so I was wondering if it is just a glitch

  5. John Roland says:

    I have 1.6 ossc with audio installed.
    I updated to 0.85-aud.bin, and i got no audio!!
    (came from 0.78)
    then reverted to 0.81-aud.bin, and presto! i have audio again 🙂
    seems to be a bug in audio from 0.82 and upward.
    Any advice? Or will the bug be fixed in 0.86-aud.bin?

  6. John Roland says:

    See ,same problem. using lg oled 55c7

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