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CPS2 InfiniKey and SSD3 install services…

Get the InfiniKey, SSDS3 stereo or FU-RGB board professionally installed.

Remote overlays back in stock

OSSC remote overlays are back in stock.

Power up your SSDS3

Fix picture and sound problems with your SSDS3 and our new upgrade boards. Available now!

Megadrive/Genesis RGB bypass amps updated and…

Voultar's popluar Megadrive/Genesis RGB bypass amp makes a welcome return to our store today.

Illness strikes again :(

Regrettably I have to inform everyone that I’ve managed to contract yet another winter bug, not a great start to my new year! For two days I could barely…

Announcing M1 Mini Mega – Dazzling…

Get dazzling audio quality from your Megadrive/Genesis console with this upgrade.

Remotes and SD2SNES upgrade boards re-stocked

two popular products are now back in stock. Replacement IR remote controls for the OSSC and the SD2SNES upgrade boards.

Last posting dates for Christmas

Get your orders in quickly if you want to make sure your goodies are under the tree in time for the big day.

N64 HDMI kits and flex cables…

we have just received a re-stock of the N64 HDMI upgrade boards. We have also re-stocked flex cables.

CPS2/CPS3 digital AV interface – HDMI…

Get pixel perfect digital output from your CPS2 or CPS3 hardware in up to 1200p with this amazing new hardware mod.