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Modding service makes a comeback

We're pleased to announce that we're now re-opening most of our modding services.

Power supplies and JP21 adapters back…

We have re-stocked the JP21 to SCART adapters and OSSC/RetroTINK 2X power supplies.

We’re back!

The website is back and fully functioning again.

NES de-jitter kits and Megadrive RGB…

We can now supply the NES/SNES de-jitter kits pre-flashed with NES firmware, and Megadrive/Genesis RGB bypass boards are back in stock.

GCDuals for everyone, de-jitter boards restocked

We have finished the waiting list for GCDual's and we're opening up orders to everyone. We have also re-stocked de-jitter boards for NES/SNES.

HDMI to VGA adapters available

Connect your OSSC to a CRT monitor, or your RetroTINK 2X to an OSSC with this affordable HDMI to VGA adapter.

OSSCs and Remote Overlays back in…

We now have plentiful new stock of OSSC units and remote control overlays available for immediate dispatch.

Sega MegaDrive 1 RGB Bypass Installation…

The Megadrive RGB bypass board is now available in our store. What's more, BetaGamma Computing have come up with this handy installation guide.

3DO RGB mods now available

We've now added the 3DO RGB modifications to our catalogue, both for DIY installers and for those of you that would prefer a fitting service.

GCDual – Gamecube HDMI review update

What's the deal with the new GCDual Gamecube HDMI upgrade? Find out here.

Get your OSSC

OSSC’s are in stock now! Click here to get yours!   RetroTINK 2X is also in stock, click here!