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Nintendo RGB amps re-stocked

A small number of our new Revision 4.1a Nintendo RGB bypass amps are now available.

Small quantity of OSSC remote overlays…

Heads up, there are a handful of OSSC remote overlays now in stock, but quantity is quite limited.

JP21 adapters back in stock

New stock of JP21 to SCART adapters has just landed. These handy adapters let you connect the JP21 spec RGB cables directly to the OSSC.

Scaling filters – The OSSC’s hidden…

Emulator style graphics filters on the OSSC? You bet!

OSSC PSUs and N64 sticks re-stocked

Just a quick post to let you know power supplies for OSSCs have been re-stocked.

Emma used Blizzard – it’s super…

It's currently snowing here...

Sega Game Gear screen replacement service…

We've finally been able to launch our long awaited fitting service for the McWill Game Gear screens.

Arcade Club review – The UKs…

Is Arcade Club Manchester really the reincarnation of the 80's seaside gaming paradise from your childhood? Find out in our review.

N64 Sticks and Game Gear Screens…

Just a quick post to let you know that both the Sega Game Gear screens and the replacement N64 Joysticks are back in stock.

New stock of OSSC Accessories

We've just got new stock of two popular accessories for our beloved Open Source Scan Converter.

Get your OSSC

OSSC’s are in stock now! Click here to get yours!