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3DO RGB mods now available

We've now added the 3DO RGB modifications to our catalogue, both for DIY installers and for those of you that would prefer a fitting service.

GCDual – Gamecube HDMI review update

What's the deal with the new GCDual Gamecube HDMI upgrade? Find out here.

RetroTINK 2X – The Verdict

Is this new line doubler/transcoder an essential addition to your gaming setup? Find out in our review.

Remote overlays re-stocked!

We've managed to get our hands on a bunch more of the popular OSSC remote control overlays

N64 HDMI and Lynx screens restocked…

New mods added and existing products re-stocked.

NES/SNES De-jitter and UltraHDMI flex cables

We have just received a shipment of the NES/SNES de-jitter boards and N64 UltraHDMI flex cables.

Refurbished 1.6 OSSCs in stock

We have a small number of refurbished OSSC 1.6 units in stock today.

Remote overlays and refurbished OSSCs in…

We finally have stock of the much sought after OSSC remote control overlays. We also have some OSSC 1.5 refurb units with audio upgrade boards.

SD2SNES upgrade boards in stock

The SD2SNES upgrade is another great design by Borti4938. We now have stock of these boards for DIY fitting and for our installation service.

OSSC Power supplies and overlays finally…

We have finally had the long awaited re-stock of power supply units for the OSSC. We also have a very small amount of remote control overlays.