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Advancing the GBA to the big…

Go beyond the Gameboy player and the Retron 5 with our guide to getting perfect Gameboy Advance (GBA) emulation on the big screen with…

Are PC sound cards really obsolete?

Now that PC graphics cards output digital audio over HDMI, is there really any need for a dedicated sound card? Read this article and…
Xpadder configuration for Psychonauts

Beat PC gamepad problems with Xpadder

Add gamepad compatibility to almost any PC game with this fantastic tool.

Can Soft15khz make MAME more authentic?

Can this software only solution make MAME more authentic when coupled with a 15khz compatible device?

Chasing rays and shading pixels

how the next generation of emulator plug-ins harness the power of DirectX and OpenGL to make games look even more authentic.
Component to SCART adaptor

Component video over SCART

Did you know that you can route component video over SCART? Using an adapter, you can feed component video through your SCART switch.

Discjuggler on Windows 10

Problems installing DiscJuggler in Windows 10? Here's how to fix that.

Dreamcast universal VGA/RGB box

In this guide, we look at the Dreamcast ultimate RGB box mod. Use this mod to get RGB video in all the Dreamcast games…
DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

DVDO Edge – A rough guide/FAQ

How to use and integrate this video processor in your gaming setup.
DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

DVDO Edge and PCs

You might think that there's little need for a video-processor with the PC. Depending on how you game on your PC though, it can…

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