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VP50 Pro and OSSC – Is…

While we recently discussed using the DVDO Edge video processor with the OSSC, we were curious to know how its big brother, the iScan…
Unfortunately we don't have a 1080p capture card, but here's a 720p line tripled screenshot.

To the third power! Linetriple mode…

Much has changed since we took our first look at the OSSC back in March. Almost all the issues we had with jitter and…

OSSC Firmware Update tutorial

As excitement for the OSSC mounts, the lucky few who were in the first batch of pre-orders should be receiving their units directly from…

Sync processor showdown

Keene Syncblaster Black Box Vs. Extron RGB interface, which is the best sync processor for your high end gaming setup? Find out in this…
male HDMI connector

Gamers guide to HDMI

HDMI is the modern, all digital replacement for SCART, analogue component video and other analogue cables and connectors. HDMI is now ubiquitous on consumer…
Amarec config part 3

PEXHDCAP Tutorial 3 – Codecs in…

With basic capture sorted out, you can now proceed to tweak the results you get from the capture card by using different codecs for…

PEXHDCAP Tutorial 2 – Capture software

Now that your capture card is installed, it’s time to look at the options for capture software. There are three free options that you…
Startech PEXHDCAP capture card

PEXHDCAP tutorials

The content for the PEXHDCAP keeps on coming! On my Youtube channel now there are several short tutorials for the new Startech PEXHDCAP capture…
Startech PEXHDCAP capture card

PEXHDCAP Tutorial 1 – Getting started

The PEXHDCAP capture card is all the rage amongst gamers at the moment. If you’ve still not heard about the card and what it…

Tackling scroll stutter

Stuttering, tearing, dropped frames, juddering. Chances are if you are into video gaming you will have come across this at some point. That little…

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