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Articles on setting up and optimising audio and visual gear in your games room. Sorted alphabetically.

Tackling scroll stutter

Stuttering, tearing, dropped frames, juddering. Chances are if you are into video gaming you will have come across this at some point. That little…

Gamers guide to component

Component video, to be completely technically accurate, can actually mean any video signal that has been split into two or more channels. By this…
Component to SCART adaptor

Component video over SCART

Did you know that you can route component video over SCART? Apparently a lot of people do not. Using an adapter like the one…

Good SCART vs bad SCART

I’ve just uploaded this quick video comparing the Hama SCART switch box with one of those horrible push-in button SCART switches you see on…

Extron RGB interfaces – An overview

Since I published the article on using the Extron RGB interfaces with the DVDO Edge, I’ve been asked by several people about the capabilities…
slg3000 scanline generator

Using the SLG3000 scanline generator

There are lots of articles on the web concerning this neat little bit of kit and plenty of reviews, so I’ll keep the introduction…
XRGB3 Video processor

Transcoding with the XRGB3 in B1…

It’s easy to forget that the XRGB3’s B1 mode, while primarily of use for 240p/288p linedoubling is actually useful for transcoding (i.e converting to…

The perils of SCART switching (again)

During a gaming session last night I encountered some difficulty with the picture from my Sega Saturn. After investigating the following morning, I found…
Gefen VGA to DVI scaler plus

Gefen VGA to DVI Scaler Plus…

Update 4th April 2014 – Added input lag times. Update 21 June 2012 – Changed the update about V-sync due to new research/evidence.…
21 pin SCART socket as found on most TV's in the EU

Gamers guide to SCART

Disclaimer:- All the information I’ve put here is based on my own research or experience. I maintain and use a modest retro-gaming collection and…

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