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Articles on setting up and optimising audio and visual gear in your games room. Sorted alphabetically.

PEXHDCAP Tutorial 2 – Capture software

Now that your capture card is installed, it's time to look at the options for capture software.
Startech PEXHDCAP capture card

PEXHDCAP tutorials

Video tutorial on the PEXHDCAP capture card.
Startech PEXHDCAP capture card

PEXHDCAP Tutorial 1 – Getting started

Get started capturing your video game sessions with the PEXHDCAP capture card and our easy tutorial.

Tackling scroll stutter

Why do some games stutter when they scroll? There are a multitude of reasons. On this page we investigate them and discuss what can…

Gamers guide to component

What is component video and when do you need to use it in your gaming setup? Find out here.
Component to SCART adaptor

Component video over SCART

Did you know that you can route component video over SCART? Using an adapter, you can feed component video through your SCART switch.

Good SCART vs bad SCART

See the obvious difference between a poor SCART switch and a good one.

Extron RGB interfaces – An overview

What is an Extron RGB interface and why would I need one? What can I do with it? Find out here.
slg3000 scanline generator

Using the SLG3000 scanline generator

Get that authentic retro look on your HDTV with the SLG3000 scanline generator.
XRGB3 Video processor

Transcoding with the XRGB3 in B1…

Using the XRGB3 to convert between component video and RGB.

Get your OSSC

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