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Guides to getting more from your games consoles. Sorted alphabetically.

How to transfer save games from…

Copy and preserve your VMU save game files from Dreamcast to PC. We show you how with this easy tutorial.

Which Saturn mod is right for…

Confused as to which mods you need for your classic Sega Saturn console? This article should clear up any confusion.

The SuperUFO as an import adapter

Looking for a way to run import SNES games without having your cartridge slot widened? Try this cool little flash cartridge!

Fixing the PS4’s audio

Does your PS4 not play in surround sound despite your AV receiver being capable? Here's the solution.

Game Boy Interface – Enhancing the…

Get more out of your GameCube Game Boy Player with this new homebrew software. Improve input lag, stuttering and more!

Rhea tutorial video and demo

See the Sega Saturn optical drive emulator Rhea in action and learn how to use and configure yours.

Playing Today – The Sega Saturn

All you need to know about playing and integrating this classic console into your gaming setup.

Playing Today – The Sega Megadrive

Everything you need to know about playing and integrating the Megadrive/Genesis into your modern games room.

Playing Today – The Nintendo SNES

Just a little heads up to let you know we've added another of our "Playing Today" articles abut the SNES.

Playing Today – The Nintendo NES

An essential read for anyone wanting to integrate a NES or Famicom into their games room.

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