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DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

DVDO Edge and PCs

With PCs supporting 1080p graphics output natively, you might think that there’s little need for a video-processor such as the DVDO Edge. Depending on…
Sync strike unit

Improving DVDO Edge 240p picture quality

If you own a DVDO Edge and you have tried to use it with your retro consoles, chances are you have been a little…
Extron 580xi RGB Interface

Using RGB interfaces with the Edge…

8th August update:- Thanks to Fudoh from the Shmups forum for pointing out that, in actual fact, any Extron RGB interface will work…
DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

DVDO Edge – A rough guide/FAQ

Update 24th September 2014 – Added note about increased input lag bug. Update 21 March 2014 – Added small section about other iScan/DVDO processors.…

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