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Dreamcast universal VGA/RGB box

In this guide, we look at the Dreamcast ultimate RGB box mod. Use this mod to get RGB video in all the Dreamcast games…
DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

DVDO Edge – A rough guide/FAQ

How to use and integrate this video processor in your gaming setup.
DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

DVDO Edge and PCs

You might think that there's little need for a video-processor with the PC. Depending on how you game on your PC though, it can…

Extron RGB interfaces – An overview

What is an Extron RGB interface and why would I need one? What can I do with it? Find out here.

Fixing the PS4’s audio

Does your PS4 not play in surround sound despite your AV receiver being capable? Here's the solution.

Full screen Flash gaming with Swiffout

Play all your favourite Flash games in full-screen with this super browser add-on.

Further down the HLSL rabbit hole

In our second HLSL tutorial, we look at more ways you can enhance the appearance of your MAME games.

Game Boy Interface – Enhancing the…

Get more out of your GameCube Game Boy Player with this new homebrew software. Improve input lag, stuttering and more!

Gamers guide to component

What is component video and when do you need to use it in your gaming setup? Find out here.

Gamers guide to HDMI

Expanding on our "Gamers guides to" sections comes this little guide to using HDMI in your gaming setup.

Get your OSSC

OSSC’s are in stock now! Click here to get yours!