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TowerFall Ascension on the 4-Play? You…

Play this classic indie title with your 4-Play adapter box.

Xbox One Controller – Alternative drivers

Having compatibility problems with your PC games and the Xbox One controller? Triggers not working? This tutorial will show you how to fix that.

Discjuggler on Windows 10

Problems installing DiscJuggler in Windows 10? Here's how to fix that.

ReShade Tutorial

Easily use this powerful PC post-processing/graphics enhancement tool with our comprehensive beginners tutorial.

Understanding legacy audio in Windows

Why can't I get surround sound in my older PC games? This article explains all about legacy audio and Windows.

Xbox Chatpad drivers for PC

Find out how to use your 360 Chatpad on your PC. Take your couch-based PC gaming to the next level!

Are PC sound cards really obsolete?

Now that PC graphics cards output digital audio over HDMI, is there really any need for a dedicated sound card? Read this article and…

Using distance zones in Xpadder

How to use advanced features of Xpadder to add analogue controller support to old games.

No One Lives Forever – Fixed…

Play this classic game again on your modern PC with this new installer.
Mounting a C drive in DOSBox

Getting started with DOSBox

Quickly and easily setup this retro-PC emulator. Play your old games today.

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