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My Life in Gaming on Framemeister…

Here's another video I consulted on with "My Life in Gaming". This time, the guys tackle the complex subject of Framemeister settings.

4-Play – The ultimate PC joypad…

Is the 4-Play Bliss Box be the answer to all your classic controller needs? We chat to Sean Green, hardware engineer, to find out.
Pure sync SCART cable for SNES

Demystifying RGB & Sync

"My Life in Gaming" on Youtube have posted an excellent video that explains all the terminology to do with sync and the difference it…

Everdrive 64 V3 video

I've posted a video overview of the excellent new Everdrive 64 V3 cartride onto my Youtube channel.

Four upcoming upscaling solutions

Could the XRGB Mini soon be dethroned? Read about four new, affordable upscaling solutions for your classic games consoles.

240p Test Suite now available for…

The 240p Test Suite is now available for the PC Engine! The suite great for testing how your upscaler or TV is handling your…

Dreamcast and the Toro VGA box

The Dreamcast often confuses gamers with its array of video cables. Understanding how to get the best picture quality can be tricky.

Gamecube vs. Wii Component Output

On the Shmups forum, user Sixfortyfive and Artemio have posted an amazing in-depth comparison of the video quality of the Wii and Gamecube.

RGB Bypass for picture perfection

The new "RGB Bypass" modification promises to to take the picture quality from your retro systems to the next level.

A little bit on the Retron…

Teardown and detailed review of the Retron 5 console.

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