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ROW orders to open shortly

We will soon start processing orders from customers outside of the EU. Capitalism ho!

Remote controls and overlays back in…

Just a quick heads up to let you all know we have OSSC remotes and overlays back in stock.

VGP’s store slowly starts to awaken

We're back, cut price OSSCs now on sale to EU customers! is now owned by VGP…

102 has now transferred from ACEL Systems in the UK to VGP Media Ltd in the Republic of Ireland.

Store closed for relocation

The store is now closed while we make the final preparations to move over to Republic of Ireland.

WiiDual Installation service now available to…

Orders for WiiDual installations are now open to everyone. Kits are ready and waiting and turnaround should be swift. 

M1 Mini Mega & SSDS3 Stereo…

Get these fantastic quality upgrade kits now!

GCHD Mk-II HDMI Adapter for Gamecube…

Plug and Play HDMI for your Gamecube - Grab yours now.

OSSC – Early February batch orders…

If you would like to pre-order a unit and have it shipped out as soon as they arrive, then you may now do so.

Nintendo RGB amps updated and re-stocked

Nintendo RGB amps are back in stock. Now with TTL/75ohm sync options.