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Katsukity 3DS capture kit review

Portable gaming is great when you’re on the go, but once you return home, why would you want to play on a tiny screen…

Everdrive N8 Review

The original Nintendo Entertainment System was a phenomenally successful console, selling in huge numbers all around the world and lifting the industry out of…

Indiebox Review – Physical Game Heaven?

Digital downloads may be convenient, but for those of us who grew up with gaming, the experience of owning a boxed copy of the…

Mega AMP 1.2 Review

Not all consoles are created equal. Even amongst the same model of machine, differences in manufacturing processes and cost saving measures mean that certain…

PSIO Review – PlayStation Perfection?

There’s little doubt that optical media was revolutionary for games consoles back in the 1990s. Free from the increasingly restrictive storage space of cartridges,…

OSSC Digital Audio Upgrade review

Disclaimer – We will be selling these parts in our store, so naturally that means we’re not writing a completely impartial review here. Nevertheless,…

Bandridge 5-port SCART Selector Gallery

Below are some screenshots of the Bandridge 5-port SCART Selector switch in action. The left side of the image shows the console connected directly…

Bandridge 5-port SCART Selector review

Bandridge SCART switches seem to be a bit of an enigma. Many users report that they work exceptionally well and are a perfect fit…

Protection Socket Slot for Super Nintendo…

You’ve just upgraded your PAL SNES or Japanese Super Famicom with one of our top of the range switch-less SuperCIC mods and you’re all…

GScart Gallery

Below are some screenshots of the GScart RGB SCART switch in action. The left side of the image shows the console connected directly to…

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