AV cables for your games consoles and related hardware. Sorted alphabetically.

Power Supply All-in-One for SuperGrafX +…

Is this all in one PSU a good solution for your classic PC Engine SuperGrafX console? Find out in our review.

Toro VGA box review

Is this modern Dreamcast VGA box a worthwhile upgrade for your classic console? Find out in our review.

Thefoo.83 Sega Saturn SCART cable review

Is this the best quality Sega Saturn RGB SCART cable available? Find out in our review.

Atari Jaguar Clean Sync SCART review

Need a RGB SCART cable for your Jaguar? Find out if the Jaguar SCART cable is worth your money.

PAL SNES Luma For Sync Cable…

Are luma for sync SNES cables just a gimmick or do they make a difference? Find out in our review.

SCART to VGA/Extron cable review

Connect your SCART equipment to an Extron RGB interface easily. Find out how this cable measured up in our review.

BNC RGB to female SCART review

Need to connect your retro consoles to a BVM, PVM or a Extron Matrix? See how this adapter cable performed in our review.

Power Supply All-in-One for Sega Megadrive…

Can this replacement power supply for the Megadrive/Genesis, MegaCD/SegaCD and 32x save you wall sockets without compromising picture quality?

Retro Towers MegaDrive 1 Stereo RGB…

Can this affordable Megadrive RGB cable stand up to scrutiny? Find out in our review.

Playstation RGB sync-on-luma cable review

Is this the best ever Playstation RGB SCART cable? Find out in our review.

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