Controllers & Adapters

Reviews of controllers, adapters and anything related to them. Sorted alphabetically.

Protection Socket Slot for Super Nintendo…

Is this the best solution for adapting your US SNES cartridges for your PAL SNES or Japanese Super Famicom? Find out in our review.

Xbox One Chatpad – A review…

How well does the Xbox One chatpad work on Windows 10 and is it a good purchase for PC gamers? Find out in our…

Dreamconn Wireless Dreamcast Controller Review

A wireless controller for your Dreamcast?, heck yeah! Check out our extensive review of the Dreamconn v3.

Xbox One Controller – A review…

If you're a PC gamer, should you swap your Xbox 360 controllers for Xbox One controllers? Find out in this review.

X-Arcade Ultimate review

Not content with a regular X-Arcade stick? The X-Arcade Tankstick Ultimate from Gremlin solutions might be exactly what you are looking for.

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