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LumaFix 64 Review

Before PC came to mean a black or beige box running either Windows or Linux, the personal computer market was much more colourful. In…
4-play controller adapter basic kit

4-Play Retro Console Controller Adapter review

Disclaimer – We now sell these adapters in our online store, so naturally that means we’re not writing a completely impartial review here. Nevertheless,…

Dreamcast GDEmu Review

By the launch of the original Dreamcast in 1999, optical media had established itself as the media of choice for distributing games software. The…
Nintendo 64 HDMI upgrade

UltraHDMI N64 Gallery

On this page you will find screenshots of the new UltraHDMI N64 mod in action at 720p output mode. We've tried to show the…
Super Mario 64 with scanline overlay

UltraHDMI N64 Review

A fully featured, custom scaling solution tailored for the N64. An amazing achievement!
Nintendo Gamecube Region Free

Gamecube Component Versus HDMI

Since several folks asked, I’ve taken some comparison screenshots of the HDMI Gamecube versus my own Gamecube running through the component cables. The screenshots…

HDMI lands on the Gamecube

While we all wait with baited breath for the N64 HDMI upgrade, almost out of the blue, another classic Nintendo console has received the…
SNES digital audio board fitted by our technician.

SNES SPDIF/Digital Audio Upgrade review

Disclaimer – Obviously we sell these upgrades ourselves so it would be in our interest to give them a glowing review. However, I aim…

Everdrive GB review

Before iPads, smartphones and other similar devices came along to dominate everyone’s attention, there was an altogether more modest little hand-held device entertaining gamers…
Close up showing the SD card inserted into the Rhea.

Sega Saturn Rhea review

Most videogame journalists and critics will agree that there isn’t enough being done to try and preserve and archive videogames and their history. As…

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