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  1. Bradley Ritterbush says:

    Hey Adam Koralik sent me here and I was wondering if your company or you did any mods on the PlayStation 1?

  2. BuckoA51 says:

    Sometimes, but region free on PS1 is particularly troublesome.

  3. goldeneyegod says:

    ok I’m going to pay for the n64 RGB mod and post it on monday. I’ll also send my gamecube RGB scart lead with the machine so you can test the mod will work with it and happy for you to make any alterations to it if it doesn’t. Would hate to ge the machine back and find it doesn’t work with it lol.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Great, remember some N64s require that extra part for RGB, though low serial number NTSC machines should be fine. We’ll let you know if it is needed anyway.

  4. goldeneyegod says:

    All payed for now just need to post it on monday morning, try get it back to me as soon as possible can’t wait to try it out and looking forward to the results.

  5. Eli says:

    do you still region free mod sega saturns? i was interested in getting a sega saturn

  6. TempoFunktron says:

    Are you able to HDMI mod a Wii?

  7. Corey I. Marsh, Sr. says:

    Hey. I want to have my US Genesis/32x/SegaCD – mod 1 modded to play ALL regions. can you guys do that? Pricing, please???

  8. Gary says:

    Do you do Sega Multimega repairs?

  9. Andrew Smith says:

    could you do PS2 region free mods?

  10. Radiitz says:

    could you do a screen type attachment for a north american nes?

  11. MyName'sNotImportant says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you have the ability to add an HDMI port to PANASONIC Qs (Gamecube/DVD player hybrids)? If so, how much would it cost?

  12. anthony says:

    Could you do nes and pc engine RGB mods. Thanks

  13. Nick says:

    Can you mod a psp GO so that it has an internal micro sd slot instead of a micro m2 slot? Micro m2 16gb cards are $160+ and 16gb micro sd cards are under $10 so I can see that being a really popular mod if you can offer it.

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