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Calle W

Sorry I haven’t replied for a few days, easter was busy and all that. Turning off HPLL2x hass actually solved my issues for the most part.

Video lpf: 16Mhz
Sync lpf: 2.5MHz
Sampling phase: 247 degrees (some games look a bit better at 258 though). Had to adjust this from 281 due to turning HPLL2x off.

With HPLL2x turned off I can switch games without issues. I decided to do turn it off for other profiles as well. I was able to get similar results with different settings too. Video lpf off and sync lpf off gave the same results at around 33 degrees or something.

Are minimal values of sync/video lpf preferred over higher values? I’m not really seeing any differences. I guess I should be happy that everything is working now. Line5x seems to be a bit more picky with settings though. Haven’t reached as good results as I have with line4x yet, but I don’t use it that much anyway.

Tried to take some pictures but they didn’t come out all that great. Screenshots via my capture card might give an ok comparison even though there is color conversion involved. I’ll see if it’s worth the time to do so.

Thanks for the help, paulb_nl. It’s super appreciated. I’m loving the de-blur look of many games! I wonder how this stacks up against the UltraHDMI and the new N64RGB revision/firmware.