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@virsago That’s awesome news! Can you clarify if this was with the IT content flag set to on, or it works anyway?

Nope. I was excited to see it in the update notes and couldn’t wait to try it out, but it didn’t matter. Normally I have my OSSC set to do 240p passthrough on boot, but the FW update must have reset my default profile because it was set to a now-functional line 2x. From there I tested the other settings and saw they all worked. Finally, my OSSC can do more than just 240p HDMI!

I did get around to testing my SNES and noticed it worked in each setting, but had some issues with sync. I’m not entirely familiar with all the terminology but I noticed an intermittent “screen tear” that might be fixable through tweaking settings. I’ll have to play around with it more. If anyone has any pointers, please throw them my way.