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I’ve replaced the EP4CE15E22 and C60 too (cause under the microscope the ceramic capacitor looked kind of chipped… even though its measurements indicated otherwise) – with no luck at all. The OSSC boots up as always… but the sync signal is as unstable as it was before. Well… not entirely: when my laptop is plugged into the VGA input, the LEDs indicate a stable sync for the VGA signal… but it wont pass any output signal to my TV. I tried different resolutions on the laptop (from 800×600 up to 720p), but my TV always says “No Signal”.

The grey test pattern still works though (and the audio addon board seems to work too, since i get an audio signal with the test pattern)… but nothing else does. After replacing both ICs i never ever had a proper output signal again (apart from the test pattern). I even replaced C13 (for the second time) and R3 (for the first time) – but since the measurements for these parts are all fine, replacing them didn’t do anything.

So now it’s official: i’m too stupid to find the culprit. And i don’t know where else to look. If it were a heat related problem, shouldn’t the OSSC work at least when powering it up after a cool down phase??? But this was never the case. It worked randomly without changing any extraneous influence, just by powering it up multiple times. Such random behavior could be the case, if there’s a cold solder joint or a broken trace. But all the sync related parts and traces seem to be fine. I could try to resolder EVERY part… but if that wont work: then what?

I’m frustrated cause i’ve obviously build one expensive night light.