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I’m referring to a different aspect of the PAL signal – the number of lines of resolution.

PAL’s 288 lines means that I can only use linedouble mode with the OSSC on my TV. This is because the TV accepts 576p images (2 x 288, aka linedouble) but not 864 (linetriple) or 1152 (linequadruple). The higher linemulti modes give sharper images, which I prefer.

This TV can do linetriple and linequadruple for NTSC signals (240 lines), so I’m curious if the OSSC’s advanced timing tweaker can be used to change the signal so that it is recognised as an NTSC signal.

It’s more of a question for Marqs or Harrumph, as they are quite familiar with this kind of stuff.

Also, Revan, if you prefer a clearer, brighter image and aren’t too attached to your PAL SNES, I highly recommend getting your hands on a SNES Mini or Super Famicom Jr. They have the clearest RGB output and lx3/4/5 modes via OSSC have greater compatibility with HD displays.