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Thanks for the replies everyone.

You are really crushing my dreams here 🙁 My model is the TX-P50GT60Y, I would expect it to be functionally identical to TX-P50GT60B. I think the Y models are only sold in the Nordic countries but I would think they are exactly the same as the UK or rest of Europe models. The manual for my exact model also only lists 750 line compatibility and I couldn’t find any mention of PC modes.

If I can’t get it to work, hopefully I will be ok with just 480p. Would be disappointing though. This TV supposedly has an excellent scaler, for video at least, no idea how good it is for video games. How well does the OSSC 480p output look for you on the GT50 @trixster?

Is the framemeister always better looking on a TV that doesn’t go above the OSSC’s 240p x2 and 480p passthrough outputs, or can that depend on the TV’s scaler? I know the lag will be better regardless.

@marqs , sad to hear that the high end Panasonic plasmas have a history of being inflexible with input signals. Still, I wonder why it works on BonzoBits’ VT60. I know the GT60 and VT60 use the same chipset/picture processor, dubbed the “Hexa-Processing Engine”, and the TV’s function almost identically, so I was hopeful his adjustments might work for me too. But if his is the US version, which it looks like, then all bets are off. Haven’t managed to find a manual for the TC-P55VT60 that lists how many lines it supports to see how reliable the manual information is.

How can I calculate the lines based on the output (240p or 480p for example)? Or is there a list somewhere that lists the resolution lines for different resolutions?