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Hi marqs!

VSM value in PAL mode = 0, VSM value in NTSC = 2.

I will try your suggestion on the H-PLL settings…..sorry, it did not help. It still syncs to NTSC once the PAL screen is up, though. Just not on a cold boot.

I see there are many settings in the menus I no nothing about! 🙂

I should mention switching to the VGA input did help with the PAL/NTSC syncing. In addition, I am able to use Dbl PAL Hi Res NO FLICKER. Thanks to jarp’s post, much time was saved adjusting the settings, although I had to do my own tweaking to get it just right. Unfortunately, there are negatives using the VGA input: 1) I still get the vertical banding in the NO FLICKER mode (no surprise). 2) There are some noisy patterns that appear in PAL Hi Res (even after jarps settings). It looks a lot like RF interference. It seems to be related to the H.samplerate setting. Without changing to the recommended setting, however, text looks bad. NTSC is rock solid in comparison.

I have none of these problems using the SCART input. Too bad I am not only using PAL & NTSC. I have gotten used to the increased real estate of the Dbl PAL Hi Res NO FLICKER mode and prefer it for everything else.