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The support threads are full of people who can’t get a certain console in general or the 240pX3/4/5 & 480pX2 modes to work on their particular display. Your own recent articles states that 480pX2 has ‘low compatibility’. I also wouldn’t expect this situation to get any better, if not worse, as there are less and less reasons for TV manufacturers to test with off-spec refresh rates etc. in a world where 99% of the devices will output nothing but standard video signals. If I bought a new TV right now there’d be a very good chance that certain devices or video modes would stop working. Even a firmware update for your TV could break compatibility and lock you out of one of your consoles. Having the option of buying an additional processor that would guarantee full compatibility with any TV would be hugely helpful. What do people do who can’t get their SNES to work with their TV? Just never play SNES again and hope their next TV works better? 😉 They would certainly like to have such a product. There are plenty of HDMI-to-HDMI video processors out there (see link), I was just asking if somebody had a good experience with any of them.