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First, Disclaimer: I really don’t know what I’m doing for lag testing. I do not own a TV at all let alone a CRT, so the method below is all I could really think of.

I have a strictly NTSC setup. Subjectively, i’ve never noticed any consoles having more lag than any others, at least none have it to the degree that i can notice while playing, but I’m not an arcade game/fighting game player much, so I may not be as sensitive to lag as some people.

I hooked up a splitter for the ossc output, one side goes

SPLIT->DUO->HDMI Matrix->Monitor 1


SPLIT->HDMI Matrix->Monitor 2

where monitor 1 and 2 are the same model asus computer monitor.

I took various picture with my phone of the two side by side while running 240p test suite lag test. Did this for both my CDX With 32X and SNES Mini. I didn’t see any appreciable difference in lag between the two consoles, in all cases it looks like around half a frame was added by the duo.