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Nice story Jdurg, looks like you were exceptionally unlucky with 2x incompatibility on your LCD! Really cool that you got the TNP unit for the SCART input and ended up just using the HDMI one 😉 Congrats on fixing your compatibility problem this cheaply…

Did you ever try connecting the OSSC directly to your switch or the TV? I still have an older no-HDMI Denon receiver and I plan on avoiding HDMI audio like the plague. It just seems like yet another thing to add lag, glitches and compatibility problems. I have all new-ish consoles (PS 2/3/4 generation) plugged into an optical switch. Everything older eventually ends up coming out of the TV’s optical out and also goes into the switch to the amp. Zero issues with that. All my HDMI devices go into a switch, but I connected the OSSC directly to the TV to be absolutely sure the switch doesn’t add any incompatibilities.