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Hi @mclilbas,

Amazon has been having a lot of issues delivering their packages recently so I haven’t received it yet. Hopefully I will get it tonight but won’t have much time to test it out until tomorrow (Friday).

The Elgato Cam Link is just like any other Capture Card, but it’s mostly for people streaming from their DSLRs / other cameras to add multiple views etc. So my guess is maybe it offers a wider compatibility in terms of format/resolution? Not sure what the differences would be hardware-wise compared to other Capture Cards…

I will indeed stream it on my Twitch account and will also update here 🙂 I’m very excited to test it out!

Twitch Channel: Vincertain

EDIT: My package got lost so they sent me a new one. I’ll have to be patient before I can send you guys an update for Line5x mode with the Elgato Cam Link!