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Ok thanks for your help – got the JTAG working.

Now my question is…..if i make a change in say software/sys_controller/ossc/av_controller.c, what steps do I need to do to compile this change into the firmware which I will flash to my device?

I have done:

1/Make coding change
2/Go into Quartus Prime and select Start Compilation
3/Compilation completes, open programmer and flash

Doing this — I do not see my coding change taking place. I feel like perhaps I need to compile the C software. I have seen there is a makefile in the software dir, however when I run make on this, I get the following error – suggesting that Quartus Prime does indeed handle the compilation of the c source….any thoughts?
Info: Building ../sys_controller_bsp/
make –no-print-directory -C ../sys_controller_bsp/
Makefile not up to date.
../../sys.sopcinfo has been modified since the BSP was generated.

Generate the BSP to update the Makefile, and then build again.

To generate from Eclipse:
1. Right-click the BSP project.
2. In the Nios II Menu, click Generate BSP.

To generate from the command line:
nios2-bsp-generate-files –settings=<settings file> –bsp-dir=<target bsp files directory>

make[1]: *** [] Error 1
make: *** [../sys_controller_bsp/-recurs-make-lib] Error 2