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Today I bought a LG 42LD450-ZA (the same model what you own) and somehow… I can’t get it to work.
The TV doesn’t want to connect with the OSSC 1.6 (no signal on the TV). Doesn’t matter what I do. I switched to different consoles, played around with the settings on the TV as well as on the OSSC – no changes.

The OSSC works flawless on the other LCD (2006 Toshiba).

The LG works fine, every HDMI-inputs works as it should, except this issue now.

From my understanding, it should work without any problems (at all) when you plug it in as HDMI <-> OSSC.

I have hooked up all consoles on three automatic Bandridge Scart devices and HDMI as output.

#edit: Seems like the HDMI handshake failed. However, after changing the TX-mode from HDMI to DVI seems to work. But I do not have sound yet.
Would it work with a HDMI-DVI or HDMI-VGA Adapter?

Do you, or anybody else have some ideas?

#edit: Even through the audio phone connector I could’nt get sound.

I used this one here:

#edit: WORKS! Didn’t noticed that little switch near the audio jack on the OSSC. Problem solved. I’ll post within the next upcoming days some informations about these two LCD’s here and how they work with the OSSC.