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With removing the defective SNES out of the equation, the auto switching is working fine. I also had the incorrect display happen on unmodified 0.79 firmware. I found that when lowering the Sync lpf the chance of varying display info is greatly reduced.

I realize now that you were talking about Button 0 on the OSSC itself and I have re-used the same functionality and set it to the Right arrow button on the remote. That means it will search for the next input with sync but will not respect the YPbPr/RGsB selections. I will look into fixing that but I think its quite a complex change and free space for firmware code is getting very tight so I have to try to shave as much bytes as possible.

I added a limit to how many times it cycles through all inputs so its not infinitely switching inputs when it doesn’t find sync because I have seen people say they keep their OSSC on 24/7 and I don’t know if its safe for the hardware to keep switching for so long. Currently its set to 10 times. Just press a button and it will continue switching.

Here is a test firmware. It is a newer version so your profiles will not load. If you do not save a profile on the test firmware then you can load your profiles again when you flash back to your previous firmware. Also the settings for auto switching do not save yet.

Do keep in mind that this is a test firmware and in the unlikely event that you cannot flash another firmware you will need to buy a USB blaster ($ 3).