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The “Pack a punch” cables haven’t been in-stock for months. I’ve seen notice that they’re due to stock again soon, but I think they’ll be going for near £50-a-pop. I’d be willing to open my existing SCART cable but there’s no obvious seal or way to crack it open, and I don’t want to be left without any method to play the Genesis should I open it up and inadvertently break it.

It probably doesn’t help much, but in my original emails with Robert from Retro Gaming Cables I was asking about my SCART-to-BNC cable not being a sync-stripped version, and he replied

…your megadrive RGB SCART cable is wired for CSYNC therefore you don’t need a sync cleaner inside of the BNC adapter cable

That sounds like the Genesis/Megadrive cable is doing some sort of cleaning at the very least. Considering it works fine with a non sync-stripped SCART-to-BNC cable to connect to a Sony BVM, I’d imagine that should mean the sync should be ok? I realise I’m being very vague here as I’m making some assumptions while not fully appreciating the sync situation.