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    My TV doesn’t support the 960p signal from 480p lineX2 mode. Is it possible for the OSSC to output a 1080p signal with the unscaled 960p image in the center?



    I don’t think that would be possible without at least a partial framebuffer, and I’m not sure if the OSSC’s current hardware is sufficient to add one. Right now it just stores a single line at a time to multiply, but windowboxing would require enough memory to buffer all the lines it receives while it’s busy drawing the borders.



    You don’t need a framebuffer so much as enough memory for a larger line buffer, similar to how the Hi-Def NES handles the same problem (4x scale being a 960p image in a 1080p frame). But that would still appear to require more RAM than the OSSC has available.



    Right, that’s what I meant by “partial framebuffer”, sorry if that was unclear. As you say, it doesn’t need to buffer the whole frame, just the lines that arrive while it’s busy drawing borders.

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    In addition to additional RAM, that’d also require precise and flexible (not tailored for just single source) timing generation to achieve perfect framelock while outputting non-integer multiple of source scanlines.

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