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    The Sharp X68000 uses some odd resolution when outputting in 31khz. The TV is saying 640×512, and that’s also what the “advanced timings” section of the OSSC defaults to when the X68000 is in 31khz mode.

    Basically, some X68000 games can be changed to run at 15khz and they look far sharper at line 4x than ‘512p’ only game does on passthrough. It’d be great if it could line double to 1024p. Unsure how many displays would support, but my Toshiba HDTV seems to throw every weird thing I throw at it.

    EDIT: As I’m unsure if you own a X68000 to test with, I’d be glad to provide any additional needed information or perform testing to help out.

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    Yes, 640×512 mode could be added to “480p/576p” group which would then allow switching between line1x/2x with respective option. I’ll add that to TODO list.



    That’s now implemented in v0.78 firmware.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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