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    Sorry if this was asked before, but couldn’t find anything about it. Can the OSSC be used for this purpose? In particular, can I use the device to connect a Windows PC at 720p, get the graphics line-doubled for a 1440p monitor/TV and then get half the resulting (even/odd) lines darkend for a scanlines effect? I’m thinking in 2D games such as Blazblue series, which require 720p monitors for 1:1 visuals at full screen.

    What’d be the best solution for 768p games and a 1440p monitor?

    Edit: Found the specs page. Seems the device was not conceived for 1440p output or bigger. So let me rephrase my question: since 720/768p monitors are a thing of the past, is 1440p output (from a 720p input) possible in a future firmware update (in order to add scanlines simulation)?




    1440p has too high pixel clock for the hardware.



    Thanks for letting me know. So it’s kind of pointless using the OSSC with anything bigger than a 1200p monitor/1080p TV, for scanlines simulation? Is a new 1440p~4k-ready OSSC coming in the future, perhaps?



    From what I’ve read most monitors and TVs do a good job of upconverting digital signals, so you’d probably be happy with the OSSC outputting 720p then your TV upconverting it to its native resolution. Although I don’t have my OSSC yet so I don’t have any firsthand experience testing this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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