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    I managed to go for it and get a fully upgraded Atari 130XE system. The guy I had do the work did a topnotch job on it, and I’ve been running it with the GBS-8220, but I know eventually VGA monitors will disappear on us, so I wanted an OSSC, plus from everything I’d heard a lot of the Atari/Amiga systems just shine when you use proper RGB (like SCART). So I ordered a SCART cable for both my Atari Jaguar and the Atari ST (because the DIN13 for the VBXE ‘should’ have the same pinout as the ST.)

    Now I’ve tried a DIN13 to VGA cable that Best Electronics sells. As long as I have a VGA monitor that supports 15khz refresh rates, then it works without any other help. I tested it on the GBS and it works fine. I have tried this exact same cable combination on the 130XE’s new video port and it also works fine. When I connect it up to the OSSC through this cable it looks pretty terrible, with flickering lines on the screen.

    I’ll put this in bullet points, since I don’t think I described it well.
    Atari 130XE
    1) OSSC: DIN13 -> VGA = Corrupted screen OSSC over VGA with VBXE
    2) OSSC: DIN13 -> SCART = No SYNC
    3) GBS-8220: DIN13 -> VGA = clearest screen so far. GBS-8220 over VGA with VBXE

    Atari 1040STe
    1) OSSC: DIN13 -> VGA = Good quality screen, medium resolution is almost perfect (seems a little bright and some text fading (very common for medium resolution on non-ST monitors))
    2) OSSC: DIN13 -> SCART = Best picture I’ve seen outside of old Atari ST monitor. Medium resolution looks fantastic! Low resolution on game menu looked like it had some screen tearing / vsync issues, but that could easily be my monitor (Dell S2716DG).
    3) GBS-8220: DIN13 -> VGA = About the same, perhaps a little less ‘clean’ of a display over the OSSC.



    Quick note, to be fair, I think the color is correct on the OSSC over the GBS for those two screenshots.



    Flickering lines could be due to lack of low-pass filter on AV3 input. How did you connect to SCART? Is it possible your SCART cable is not carrying RGB correctly?



    The SCART cable is working fine for the Atari ST.

    This first image is using the same cable combination as the first picture in the first post
    Atar 1040STe connected via same cables as flickering 130XE

    This is using the SCART cable on the Atari STe.
    Atari 1040STe connected via SCART cable that gives black screen with 130XE

    From what I looked on the pin configuration of both the VBXE and the 1040STe, they should be pretty much the same, I think some of the audio isn’t connected, and the monochrome / high resolution pin, though even that I think works because on the 8-bit it actually makes it go black and white, which I did not expect to happen.

    I just updated to firmware 0.79a as well. I haven’t tried the 8-bit since, but the output looks the same on the STe.

    These images do go with what you said about AV3, does look like it’s caused do to a filter missing.



    Is the DIN13 on your 130XE wired for composite sync or separate sync, maybe that’s the issue?




    Looks like it’s a separate sync, since from what I could find, it looks like the Atari ST’s Composite Sync is on the second pin.

    Composite Sync isn’t connected on the 8bit, so I’m guess that’s probably the issue.

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