Bug with optimized 720p modes and Sampling Phase?

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    I’m playing around with my PSX at the moment. It’s a modded PAL console that runs at 59.27 Hz. The firmware is borti’s v0.70 with sound support, which is based on .69 I believe.

    The 320×240 optimized Linetriple Mode looks amazing after some adjustments to the sampling phase. After getting the right value for the sampling phase I reset the console and the picture came back very blurry, as if the sampling phase was way off. When I increased the sampling phase by one step and then decreased it by one again the picture was perfect once more.

    Does the sampling phase auto-adjust (to a wrong value) when you reset the console?



    It resets every time you change out of the video mode. Root cause is a design flaw in TVP7002 digitizer chip when it is in PLLDIV2 mode. I’ll try to find a way to use these pixel-optimized modes without using PLLDIV2 so that phase setting wouldn’t be lost.



    I have also experienced this with the advanced timing tweaker that I have to change the sampling phase just one step and back again to get a good picture.

    Is it possible to send the phase setting to the digitizer again after sync has been established to work around this issue?



    A remote button for increasing phase 180deg could be best solution for this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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