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    I realize this is a pretty stupid question, but I had no clue where else to ask.

    Is there a way I can buy the OSSC straight in Finland rather than having to buy through UK or not? (When stock is available of course) Not sure this would affect the VAT or not, but meh…



    All pre-assembled boards are sent to UK as there’s no distributor over here. UK VAT is a bit lower which should negate the difference in shipping costs.



    Yeah actually the VAT does confuse me a bit. Is buying in Finland including or excluding the VAT from UK? The situation is pretty complicated seems.



    VAT is an EU tax so if you’re in the EU you pay it at point of purchase if you buy goods from your own country or any other member state (UK is still in the EU for at least another 2 years, hopefully more as far as I am concerned, down with Brexit!). Different member states can set different rates within a certain margin. Big advantage is you NEVER pay any import tax, handling fee or import duty on anything you buy from other countries in the EU. Handling fees alone can be high, at least £8 here in the UK from Royal Mail, for example.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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