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    How did you get x5 working with the Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI ?

    El Sabroso

    Hi, Avermedia Extreme U3 cap user here

    as far as I tested, only modes that work are the 480i/p ones

    for 240p only x2 works, tested with SNES and N64, no other mode here works
    480i both passthru and bob deinterlaced work, modes 3 and 4 do not work in this capture card
    480p passtrhu works, no other mode here works

    Also, the changes of signal from the OSSC can be a little rough for this capture card, and can get an BSOD, it targets something in the driver for the capture card itself, so is not compatible with such changes, usually games that change from 480i to 240p like Killer Instinct Gold or Pokemon Stadium 2 on the N64 can cause this issue, in the SNES The Peace Keppers also can make this issue to replicate

    one thing I did to avoid the BSOD when changing signals in the OSSC (like 240p to 480i modes in games) was to connect the OSSC to this thing via HDMI and pass that HDMI signal to the Extreme U3 Cap and can use other OSSC modes that are already compatible with my monitor but were not compatible with this capture card

    cheap scart/hdmi to hdmi upscaler


    Hey, that’s a great idea Sabroso. Thank you for sharing! How does the image produced by that upscaler (captured) look?

    I’ve got one of those lying around from my pre-OSSC days. I am going to test that out on the capture side of my setup as well. 🙂


    So I had to test this out, and it works very nicely. Referring to the cheap chinese scaler that Sabroso linked above, I chained after the OSSC in the capture side of the output. It handles the transitions well. 480i pass thru looks the best out of all the 480i options (shown below) – no noticeable flicker, nice smooth edges. It is scaling from 240p line3x to 1080p very nicely as well. A little bit of clarity loss and maybe colors aren’t quite as perfect, but pretty darn good for what it is, imho.

    480i OSSC output modes supported: passthru, 2x, 4x
    240p OSSC output modes supported: passthru, 2x, 3x, 4x

    This is captured by elgato camlink:




    I have one of those exact HD converters and my TV happens to be fussy and won’t accept most modes from the OSSC. This makes it work, but I noticed I get a bit of frameskip at least on the Genesis. Every 13 seconds I see the same frame twice. I assume this is because the Genesis is 59.91Hz but the device only puts out 60Hz (or 59.94Hz likely)

    I also have it much worse with the PS1 where it gives a frameskip once every 2 seconds for a few frames then goes 4 seconds before repeating the cycle. This is a PAL PS1 though and a 240p game (49.79Hz).

    I assume the consoles that run at the exact 59.94Hz will have absolutely zero issues and likely if it’s being used for capturing, the framerate is probably already halved anyway, meaning it will be unnoticeable. For how much of a cheap solution it is, 1 lag every 13 seconds for recording wouldn’t even be noticeable anyway unless you’re running a scrolling test.

    Anything that runs at 59.94Hz though even works perfectly on my TV and doesn’t have much added input lag (it’s so slight you wouldn’t notice it in most games). Running SCART through the scaler however results in about 5 frames of lag which is kind of expected for a device like this.

    With the OSSC first then using the scalers HDMI though as people are suggesting, it feels like it’s literally only about a frame to me, if even that much.

    If you could adjust the timings very slightly on the scaler, it would literally be a cheap 100% solution for TV’s that won’t do over line2x.


    I put together a quick capture of the PS1 loading screen at all of the OSSC 480i modes, with the output going through the chinese scaler. After all of the 480i modes are shown, I let the intro of Gunner’s Heaven play out, in line3x and being upscaled to 1080p by the scaler. All captured with the Elgato Camlink, OBS at 1920×1080, and Wondershare Filmora used to create the video for youtube upload and then output at 1920×1080 @ 30Mbps. Basically, I tried to minimize the post-processing of the captured video as much as possible including keeping it to a format that youtube would have the least influence on.

    In case anyone in seeing what the results looks like.


    AVermedia Extreme Cap UVC

    I have the exact experience of El Sabroso above. Snes 2x only. I did not even get 1x.

    This device states it supports 1600×1200 but it does not. I’m not surprised since so many capture devices (a majority of them) do not support the x3/triple and above line modes. Does anyone know the technical reason? This is something unique to the OSSC no? Sync issue?

    El Sabroso

    Cool that the cheap SCART / HDMI to HDMI workaround is working for you guys, there is something even better to maximize compatibility to capture through the OSSC

    The Xbox One console

    I tested the OSSC on the HDMI in from the Xbox One, I have the regular model, and here are all the results

    With SNES / N64, x3, x4 and x5 (in 1920×1080) modes work, to make x2 work or any 480p feed into the Xbox One to work, you have to go to Settings app and select TV & OneGuide > OneGuide > under HDMI select Show all HD and SD channels, that way will accept any x2 modes for 240p feeds and 480p content of course

    480i works in passthrough, couldn’t get any other mode working when changing it, but if I select another mode when it is not active
    bob deinterlaced works
    Line2x (bob) does not work
    Line3x (laced) still does not work
    Line4x (bob) worked

    passtrought in the xbox one looks amazing so I think it does not need any other option

    TX mode changes how colors work when switching from DVI and HDMI, in DVI Xbox One detects full RGB, in HDMI detects as limited RGB

    The only downside so far is the audio, the Xbox One does not seem to capture any audio from the OSSC
    there is huge lag with 480i signals and playing throught the xbox one as expected, the lag is not that much in other modes but still there

    the picture quality provided to capture is amazing compared to the cheap scaler, if anyone happens to have an Xbox One is a great solution to improve video capture with OSSC


    ^Great info, Sabroso. In order to avoid the lag and benefit from the increased compatibility, you could send the OSSC output to a HDMI splitter. One output of the splitter to the TV, and one output to Xbox One->capture card.

    ^^Kenzya, is your SCART cable csync or sync on composite video? If sync on composite video, I recently learned (thank you marqs) that the H-PLL Pre- and Post-Coast settings can help compatibility. If it is csync, have you done the dejitter mod?


    I have this chinese scart/hdmi to hdmi converter too.

    Here is some findings:

    The chinese box accepts only limited range (16-235) from HDMI, so when TX mode on the OSSC set to HDMI the greyscale will be clipped since the OSSC output full range (0-255) always.
    So set the OSSC to TX DVI mode, but the gain and offset still need to be adjusted to not clip and properly scale colors.

    Set them like so: TX DVI, Offset 138, Gain 26, Pre-ADC Gain 5.
    Now the greyscale and colors will be correct (as it can do) through the chinese unit.

    I should point that the chinese unit adds LAG of about 4 frames (it does chroma encoding, rescaling etc..), and has screen tearing and skipped frames.
    So I’d use it only as a last resort for capturing, but would never actually play through it.


    @James-F Thanks for the info. You are the first I have seen that reports about clipping with the OSSC combined with the cheap SCART to HDMI converter. If you need to set Pre-ADC gain to 5 it should be very noticable I think.


    I use Snes 240p test suite, geryscale test pattern.


    The Elgato HD60 Pro with AmaRecTV accepts everything I throw at it as long as I manually enter the correct resolution in AmaRecTV. 768×512, 1280×768 and 1024×1024 (all 50 Hz) works like a charm.

    I am capturing from an old norwegian Z80 computer called Tiki 100. It supports 256×256, 512×256 and 1024×256 (pixels are non-square in all modes). I’ve set up the OSSC for pixel-perfect sampling. Unfortunately the aspect ratio is hard to get right. For the best capture I’ve landed on 1024×1024 and just scaling the captured video later.

    Here are some sample screenshots from the 256×256 and 1024×256 modes:


    Is there any PC free capture device that will capture 5x with OSSC?


    Bought an Elgato Cam Link in February and everything worked fine until today. Now I can’t get it to do anything, half of the time it doesn’t show up in the devices list in OBS and when it does show up there’s no image, just a black screen. I guess it was just too good to be true.

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