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    As users are discovering, the OSSC is somewhat fussy as to which SD cards work and which don’t. Typically, standard MicroSD cards of 2gb or less work fine, while MicroSD HC cards do not. Obviously OSSC does not need a high capacity card, but these are so prevalent now that some folks don’t have anything else.

    Post in this thread any SD card that is confirmed working. With a link if possible.

    Confirmed working cards

    2GB MICRO SD MEMORY CARD (generic, bootleg?)
    Sandisk Premier TF 2GB MicroSD



    64GB Transcend didn’t work with firmware updating; just ordered this (before seeing this page), so will update when it’s delivered + tried:


    Calle W

    coderkind – I just updated my OSSC with that exact card. First the OSSC said the image was invalid but it worked after about a minute or so.



    Just a quick tip that will be useful I reckon: I tried updating to 0.72FW with a micro SD class 10 SP branded card (came free with my WikiPad, unsure if the SP is a brand, but it looks like it is). I used Win32DiskImager as on the YT vid posted by our host.

    The card was not detected by the OSSC.

    The tip is this: Windows wouldn’t read the card afterward. I couldn’t format the conventional way so tried programs and all kinds of other stuff (typing in that black box, I forget what it’s called – I know, my IT skills are astounding!) when I came across this…

    If your card is borked like mine simply put it in your Canon camera (others may work, but mine’s a Canon and so was the one in the example I found online) and select ‘low level format’ and after putting it back in the PC you should have a working SD again.

    I tried the whole FW procedure again with the same result, and the low level format worked a second time; though on this occasion I also had to have the camera do another, non low level format to have windows detect the device.

    Hope this helps someone, it helped me regain 16GB!



    Updated using Transcend MicroSD 2GB TS2GUSD, no problems.

    Bought mine from But also plenty of sellers on Ebay



    @calle-w; yup. The card just worked for me too.

    Formatted the card in Windows, then used Win32DiskImager to write the image to the micro SD.



    I cant seem to get the FW to update, it keeps saying: “Invalid CRC”

    I’m using the same 2GB Sandisk card that coderkind linked to, and I’ve tried 2 different USB-Card readers just incase
    it was that.

    I’ve CLEANed the disk using Diskpart (cleeg – this is what your camera is effectively doing, formatting it to FAT32)

    any other suggestions?

    (I guess I could try my work laptop (win8.1) and see if that cardreader makes any difference…)

    Whats the MD5 hash of the BIN file? (0.73) just so I can be sure its atleast downloading correctly




    Just got it working, but this time I used the built in SD slot on my laptop (Ricoh chipset, Lenovo X1 Carbon)

    but also I’d downloaded the latest Win32DiskImager 0.95, and its running Win8.1, so all 3 aspects of the process are different

    Setup that didnt work:

    USB -> MultiCard reader (Transcent USB3, and Integreal USB2)
    DiskImager v0.7



    Got this one here: ( link)

    Word of warning, I can’t vouch for how “new” this is, as the SD Adapter had bent pins and no packaging, although the MicroSD was perfectly fine. It worked for me, and the price is right.

    Also, Mac users rejoice, I posted how you can create a bootable SD image using Terminal to update firmware using an already existing guide [originally for Raspberry Pi images] (can’t take full credit!)

    Good luck!



    Going to unsticky this now as all SD cards should be compatible on the newer firmwares.

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