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    I wanted to share some of my findings on how to increase the compatibility with the OSSC.

    For a long time I’ve struggled with my unit loosing sync from my systems. Super Famicom and Sega Genesis. I’m currently on 0.69 firmware. But experienced the same problems 0.71 on a friends unit, even after trying every setting possible. Also worth nothing is that we’ve tested cables with and without CSYNC. Though the SCART input, through the component input after transcoding through a Kramer FC-4042 and through the DSUB input with the help of a Sync Strike. Nothing seemed to work until…

    Enter the Extron 109xi RGB Interface. Dip switch up for DDSP and magic happens. Suddenly consoles my SNES it totally stable, not a single drop in hours.

    Currently hooked up as follows:
    Console (without CSYNC cable) -> Sync Strike -> 109xi -> OSSC

    Might be worth a test until another firmware improves the compatibility if you have one of these interfaces laying around. Or can pick one up from Ebay.



    Interesting observation, I found the Extron interfaces could add noise though, have you experienced this?

    What kind of CSYNC cable did you use with the Genesis and what model was it?

    Are you coming out of the Extron interface via VGA into AV3 on the OSSC?



    It sounds like some noise gets coupled to the board as those systems shouldn’t require such complex connections. I’ve played hours of SNES and MD without random sync losses when they are directly connected to AV1 while also keeping sync LPF off. What’s that DDSP function supposed to do? Csync from the consoles should be clean enough if correctly made cables are used.



    The problem could be some other electonic device generating noise/transients on your mains network, as in here. Below are some suggestions which could help out finding the problem (while keeping your consoles directly connected to OSSC):

    -try hooking all your AV equipment to same power outlet if they aren’t already
    -try disconnecting OSSC 3.5mm audio out if you use it
    -after OSSC has synced, “lock” the mode by going to “fw update” screen (Update? 1=Y, 2=N”) with an image on the SD card. Don’t initiate the update, though, being in that screen just prevents mode change if e.g. I2C data gets corrupted due to noise.

    There will be yet another sync filter setting on the next fw, but your case sounds like noise gets generated externally and not by the systems itself.



    I hooked mine up and can say the Extron interface definitely adds noise in my setup. It’s not a lot, but with the OSSCs beautiful clean signal you can definitely notice it.

    Like Marqs though, I’ve not had issues with SNES or Megadrive. If the SNES doesn’t work with a TV it shows up instantly, if it does, no sync dropouts that I’ve experienced.



    Fw 0.72 is more resistant to glitches on sync line, so that’s worth testing out even though it sounds like the root cause is elsewhere.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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