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    Firmware 0.75 is now officially out, with following changes:

    * Added support for up to 10 profiles (incl. menu settings and adv. timing parameters)
    * Remote hotkey added for quick profile loading
    * Remote hotkeys added for sampling phase adjustment
    * Improved remote keymap customization procedure
    * Default analog sync LPF set to max
    * Diy-audio fw: default TX_mode set to HDMI
    * Optionally track last used input and restore it on powerup

    As always, instructions and details are found on the wiki



    Yay, profiles! 🙂



    Nice improvements! Thanks for your efforts!
    But I have a question, and guess other people have same doubt: My OSSC firmware is 0.73, can I update directly to 0.75, or firstly I must go to the 0.74 version?



    Oh, never mind… Now I know that’s possible to flash OSSC from any firmware to any firmware. Maybe will be useful post this info on wiki.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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