Fit 240pX5 into 1080p by cutting off vertical overscan area?

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    Line-tripling doesn’t work on my TV– I’m one of the unfortunate ones with a TV that doesn’t like the non-standard signal the OSSC puts out. But even if my TV *did* like the OSSC’s line-tripling mode, its scaler would turn it into a muddy mess.

    I did a bit of math and found that 240pX5 works out to 1200 lines. My TV’s native resolution is 1080p, so a 1200p signal won’t fit. *But!* Most 240p games were designed with an overscan of at least 5% in mind. 5% of 240p is 12 lines to mask off the top and bottom. When cutting 24 lines off a 240p signal, that gives us a 216p “safe area.” 216pX5 is… 1080p! Perfect!

    Could a future revision of the OSSC firmware with 240pX5 support also offer an option for vertically shifting the image to fit into a standard 1080p signal, so that I may display 240p content on my 1080p TV with perfect integer scaling, albeit with overscan? As far as I can tell, no framebuffer would be needed for this, as the OSSC basically would just skip those first 12 (or however many) lines before converting the picture. Am I wrong or does this sound possible? I’m OK with accepting the loss of a few lines at the top and bottom– to me it’s a better option than either no picture at all or a badly scaled one.



    I’m guessing there are enough 1920×1200 and 1600×1200 (both PC resolution) displays out there to justify an uncropped line-5x, but nonetheless I’m interested too in hearing what the developer’s planning. A 1080-cropped line-5x would be great indeed.



    These features are already implemented in development build, but it will take some time until official fw release. As mentioned above, many consoles’ 240p modes only draw content on 224 lines which corresponds to non-overscanned area in typical CRT TVs. Line5x can utilize 216 lines if output is set to 1080p, so 4 lines get cut from top and bottom which may or may not be a problem depending on game. 1600/1920×1200 is a better choice is supported by the display.



    “1600/1920×1200 is a better choice if supported by the display.”

    Thanks marqs. That’s the key– my TV is one of several that only supports up to 1080p input signals, so feeding it 1920×1200 is out of the question for me. Good to hear it’s in the works– will provide a lot of value for folks like myself. 🙂

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