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    Hi, I am looking to get the “purest” output signal from my Genesis. I’m a speed runner who is trying to get the perfect RGB setup so that I can eventually capture an image like this:

    The native resolution of Genesis games is 320×224 which is a 10:7 ratio, however I also want to capture the overscan area. Altogether that comes up to 348×240 which is a 29:20 ratio. This is what I want to capture.

    Would it be possible to add these ratio modes to the OSSC to account for overscan?



    Assuming you’re using line-3x, 4x, or 5x with 320×240-optimized mode: have you tried (in the advanced timing settings menu) increasing H active from 320 to 348, whilst decreasing H backporch and/or H synclen? I’m guessing the H samplerate should probably remain at 427, but you or someone else should test that to confirm.

    While I don’t have a Genesis, I do have a Playstation 1 and have used it with the OSSC to properly display PS1 games that output natively in 384x240p (Ape Escape, for example) by doing as I’ve described above (using line4x with 320×240 optimized mode). I’m guessing since the 348 pixel width you’re after is in between the 320 (default) and wider 384 active width that I’ve tested, 348 active width should already be possible for the OSSC. Whether your display will accept the multiplied signal (i.e., 1044×720, 1392×960, or 1740×1200 depending on the lineX mode) is another issue entirely



    Yes I had figured out what to change. Posted details as well as my tweak values here:

    It’s not perfect, though. I can’t get a sample phase value the eliminates all of the blur (comes about 99% of the way) and I can’t get perfect alignment of the overscan area (it always overshoots or undershoots by a small amount). Perhaps in the future there can be a mode that presets the ideal values for this so others don’t have to go through all the same tweaking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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