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    As many of you may know, there are very interesting mods out there that add HDMI to some of the most relevant consoles. UltraHDMI for N64 and GCVideo for GameCube are quite interesting indeed!

    However, those cannot be used over an OSSC, which is a real pity, due to the lack of DVI/HDMI input. However, HDMI is quite better than any analog solution. So if some consoles with the correct mod can output HDMI, I would love to run it through OSSC. Smash Bros. Melee through OSSC would be incredibly exciting!

    Would this be possible for future iterations?



    What would you hope to gain running Smash Bros through a HDMI modded cube then the OSSC? There’s already a fast deinterlacer in the Gamecube HDMI mod. Likewise with the N64 HDMI mod there’s really basically nothing to be gained piping it through an OSSC.



    I just came across this post because I had a similar scenario in my head. More generally any gamecube hdmi adaption (there are several products in this space) that only outputs 480i/p.

    If I land in any scenario where I want the OSSC to do the upscaling operation, then I’m currently S.O.L. And that’s fine because the OSSC has a specific target of digitizing and upscaling analog sources.

    I would hope that future revisions of the OSSC could still upscale an already digitized signal. Or that some separate product would come along that can re-use upscaling portions of the OSSC firmware on an already digitized signal.

    In my head it makes the most sense longer term to have 2 or 3 products in this space.
    1. Digitize an analog signal.
    2. Upscale a digital signal to the latest greatest resolutions.
    (maybe 3.) Upscale while keeping a signal analog. For situations where you want to output to an analog device that accepts high resolution signals. (Maybe CRT projectors?)

    The division of 1 & 2 would allow more frequent replacement cycles of the upscaling component to the latest resolution without throwing away a highly functional digital to analog conversion. The only reason you would replace #1 is when HDMI phases out in the future.



    I don’t think that the OSSC needs to be this product you are after, because they already exist.
    If you want to use the OSSC as upscaler with GC, use GCVideoLite for analog YPbPr (or RGB).
    If you still want the GCVideoDVI for HDMI output, let something like a DVDO unit do the upscaling. Or simply your TV…
    Also, there are dual versions of the GCvideo board coming out in the near future anyway, so you don’t even have to choose.



    I think it’d much better to push GCVideo/UltraHDMI developers to implement low-latency (no framebuffer) 1080p or even 4k output in future revisions. For the moment there are already fast generic scalers for HDMI 480p->1080p conversion.



    HDMI input for using GC video type devices to push 240p over HDMI (GBI) to the OSSC to then be line tripled, as the GCvideo likes to do linedouble to 480p which is less than ideal for scaling to a modern TV.



    I don’t see that this has been said in this thread yet: an HDMI input would allow us to pair the OSSC with a RetroTINK 2X, enabling use of composite and S-Video sources on the OSSC without trying to shoehorn in yet another analogue decoder.

    Silly question: Assuming an HDMI input would be added, would it become AV4, or AV0?

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