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    I’m using a PC monitor that only has 1 input. I have a couple of cheap HDMI switches, but it seems that they don’t like the some of the resolutions the OSSC outputs. The monitor I’m using also doesn’t have built in sound. I have a couple devices that can extract audio from HDMI and outputs to a 3.5mm jack. These devices don’t appear to like some of the output from the OSSC either, not passing any video along to the monitor or dropping the framerate significantly.

    Any suggestions for devices that can do one or both of these things at the non-standard resolutions the OSSC produces?



    So in this case the monitor doesn’t have a headphone output, correct?



    I had issues with the signal coming out of the OSSC and my HDMI Switch/AV-Receiver setup as well. I found that taking the output of the OSSC and putting it through one of those generic SCART to HDMI devices with HDMI pass-through worked absolutely perfectly. The HDMI Switch and my A/V Receiver both have no issues with it now. I also did not notice any lag beyond the normal 2 frames my system introduces.



    I guess I should clarify: the monitor has a non-functioning line-out jack. When it did work, there was a significant delay.

    As far as the cheap SCART-HDMI passthrough option goes, I do have one of these. I found that resolutions like 480i at 2x or 960i cause it to drop the frame rate to something below 30fps. I supposed this is because of the quality of the HDMI decoder/encoder in the box. I guess what I might need is a passive hardware. Perhaps a passive HDMI splitter to run to an audio decoder and a passive HDMI switch.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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